South West Broadband Customer Knowledge Base

Connecting to a VPN on Windows 8

This guide will help you connect your Windows 8 computer to a secure VPN.

Setting up the VPN connection for the first time

  1. At the Start screen simply type: VPN
  2. Select "Settings" from the list on the right and then click on "Set up a virtual pridate network (VPN) connection".
  3. In the "Internet Address" box enter either the Hostname or the IP Address of your VPN that you will have been provided by us.
  4. The "Destination Name" is optional, this is just a name you can choose for the connection.
  5. Tick the "Remember my credentials" box if you would like your computer to remember your VPN username and password for you and then click "Create".
  6. Enter the Username and Password which will have been provided by us, tick the "Remember this password" box if you wish. The "Domain" box is optional and should be left blank unless we specify otherwise.
  7. Click "Connect" and wait a minute or so whilst it connects for the first time.

Connecting to your VPN

  1. Open Charms by moving the cursor to the top or bottom right corner of your computer screen. It can also be accessed by using the Win+C keyboard shortcut.

  2. Click Settings, and then click the network icon that is displayed in the right corner of the screen, as shown below VPN Screenshot

  3. In Networks, click the VPN connection that you want to use, and then click Connect.

  4. At this stage it will likely ask you for your username and password, this will be the VPN username and password that was supplied to you by us in your VPN information email.