South West Broadband Customer Knowledge Base

Connecting to a VPN on a Apple Device (iOS)

To configure your Apple (iOS 7) device to connect to a VPN please press on the following:

  • Settings
  • General
  • VPN
  • Add VPN Configuration
  • Select PPTP and then enter the following details:

  • Description - This is for your reference and can be anything you like.

  • Server - This should be either the IP Address of your VPN or it's hostname. An IP address will look something like this: but yours will contain different numbers. A Hostname looks something like:

  • Account - This will be the Username that was supplied by us in your VPN information.

  • Password - This will be the Password that was supplied by us in your VPN information.

All other settings can be left as they are. Save the settings.

At this point it should take you back to the VPN screen where you should:

  • Turn the VPN slider on

At this point it will connect your device to your VPN. If you press the Home button and next open Safari you should now notice a little "VPN" icon at the top of your screen, this indicates that your connection and traffic is being routed through your secure VPN tunnel.