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Moving WordPress out of a Subdirectory

Last updated by Steven Nicholas on January 31, 2024 16:22

Scenario: You have developed a new WordPress website in a Subdirectory alongside your existing wordpress installation. You now want to move the newly built website to the main domain, replacing your existing website.

1.Log into your WordPress dashboard for the new website.

2. Navigate to Settings → General.

3.You will need to change both settings for ‘home’ and ‘site URL’ to be the main domain name (removing the /development).

<em>Please note that when you change these URLs, you will not be able to login to the Dashboard just yet.</em>

4. Login to your cPanel account.

5. Navigate to File Manager.

6. Make sure “Show Hidden Files” is selected.

7. Make sure you have backed up the old website that you will be removing, we will be removing all of the files associated with the website, leaving just one folder like so:

8. We now want to move the contents inside the folder development outside, to where the files were that we just deleted. Double click the development folder to go inside, then select all of the files and folders, then click “Move File”. Remove the /development from the path, you want to move the files to /public_html like so:

This should now be complete, if you had previously installed your old WordPress site through Installatron, you can uninstall it through there if you would like to. If you are experiencing any issues or would like some further advice/clarification please submit a support ticket to