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Reset Permissions on Files and Folders in Scout

Last updated by Ashley Cawley on February 07, 2024 10:39

00:00: Resetting permissions on files and folders can be useful when debugging issues. Some problems can be solved easily with this trick. Thankfully Scout makes this task an absolute breeze, so lets see how its done

00:13: Login at and open your Scout control panel. Click on the Settings cog beside the site your working on.

00:21: Navigate to the "Debugging" section

00:24: Select the option to reset permissions

00:27: A banner will appear indicating that the job has been started in the background. The time it will take can depend on the size of the site and how many files it has.

00:36: When the Permissions Reset is complete, a pop-up notification will appear in the lower right corner of your screen.

00:42: If you are troubleshooting problems on a website as part of this work then you may want to consider switching the Site "Mode" from "Live" to "Debugging" before testing the website again. This will do various things like disabling server-side caching and may give a more real, up to date perspective of the website.

00:58: Scout makes resetting permissions an absolute breeze, it just takes a click of a button and all files and folders have their permissions reset, so you know they are secure and correctly setup for this environment. If you're still having difficulties after this then checkout the other options available in the Debugging section of Scout. The Scout platform was handcrafted with love by our cloudabove team in Cornwall. If you have any comments or feedback then we would love to hear from you.