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Password Protect a Site in Scout

Last updated by Ashley Cawley on February 07, 2024 10:39

00:00: Lets look at Password protecting a site in Scout.

00:04: After logging in at and opening your Scout control panel you will see your sites listed like this.

00:11: Click on the Settings cog beside the site you wish to protect.

00:15: Next click on the "Security" tab at the top.

00:18: On this page you will see a "Password Protection" section, click in the username box and enter in your desired username.

00:25: Next up is the Password field, enter in a password of your choice in here.

00:30: Next click on the "Enable protection" button. Your website will now be protected behind a username and password, so the next time yourself or anyone tries to visit it you will be prompted for those details. Anyone who does not enter in the correct details will be denied access.

00:46: Great! You now know how to lock-down a website. The Scout platform was handcrafted with love by our cloudabove team in Cornwall. If you have any feedback or comments then we would love to hear from you.