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Installing WordPress on Scout

Last updated by Ashley Cawley on October 25, 2023 15:58

00:00: Installing a new WordPress site on Scout is very easy, lets see how its done.

00:05: Click on the "Add a site" button in the top right.

00:09: My new project doesn't have a domain name yet, so for now I'm going to select the "Temporary Domain" option.

00:16: Click on the dropdown menu to select the web app we will be using.

00:20: In this case we will select WordPress.

00:24: This is where the magic happens, Scout asks us if we would like it to install a fresh copy of WordPress for us, so we will select "Yes please".

00:33: Next we select the Server that we would like this new site to live on.

00:38: Set a Nickname for this site which is short and relevant to the projects name.

00:43: Click on the "Create site & install WordPress" button. That's it! In under a minute you can have a new hosting area setup and a fresh copy of WordPress installed and waiting for you.

00:54: The next screen shows you a variety of information like usernames and passwords for WordPress and other details which may be useful for SFTP and SSH access. It would be recommended to record these details down safely somewhere at this stage, but they can be reset via the Scout control panel if needed.

01:12: Congratulations! You've just learnt one of the fastest ways possible to get a new WordPress website online. Scout was made with love in Cornwall by our cloudabove team. If you would like to share your feedback or comments we would love to hear from you.