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How to delete a website in Scout

Last updated by Ashley Cawley on February 07, 2024 10:39

00:00: Lets take a look at how to delete a website in Scout.

00:03: After logging into and opening up your Scout control panel you will see your various websites listed like this

00:10: Click on the "Settings" cog beside the website you wish to delete.

00:14: Then, in the top right corner we select the "Tools" menu.

00:18: From the menu that appears, we select "Delete Site".

00:22: We are then shown a confirmation screen, at this point please double check the website address shown in bold to ensure it is indeed the site you wish to delete.

00:30: Once we have confirmed that, and you have taken a backup copy of any website data you may need, tick on the tickbox to acknowledge that.

00:38: Then click the "Delete this site" button.

00:41: It may take a moment or two to delete the website, this can depend on how large the website was, but you should see a confirmation message saying it was all done and removed.

00:50: Congrats, you've just learned how to delete a site in Scout. The Scout Platform was handcrafted with love by our cloudabove team in Cornwall. If you have any suggestions or feedback on our platform then we would love to hear from you.