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Enable Bad Bot Blocking Protection & Rate Limiting Mode

Last updated by Ashley Cawley on February 07, 2024 10:39

00:00: This guide will show you where you can enable bad bot blocking protection on the Scout platform.

00:05: Start by visiting and logging in, then open up your Scout control panel from the menu, you will see your sites listed like this

00:14: Next we click on the Settings cog beside the site we wish to work with.

00:18: Then we select the "Security" tab from the top menu.

00:21: On this page we will find the "Bad Bot Blocker" section, we can see that the toggle is switched on, the Scout platform enables the Bad Blocker by default for you, helping to protect your website and improve performance.

00:33: Beneath that toggle there is an area where you can make exceptions to this blocker. If there is a particular Bot for a service you are using that our system is not aware of, then you can let Scout know about it so that it knows it is friendly and lets it through.

00:46: A known crawler can be selected from the dropdown list if you see the one you wish to allow, or you can enter in your own and click on the "Allow" button.

00:53: And of course if you wish to disable the bot blocker entirely for troubleshooting purposes then you can turn the toggle off to disable that protection. It is generally recommended to leave this switched on.

01:04: If your website is suffering with automated bots and bad performance as a result, you may also want to consider another protection which is available on this same page, that is called "Rate Limiting Mode". You can see here we have various options. Rate limiting is disabled by default but we can also select, "Relaxed" mode or "Strict" mode. Strict mode will allow up to 2 requests per second (per visitor). Whereas Relaxed allows up to 10 requests per second (per visitor). If the visitor tries to exceed those amounts it will block them.

01:35: Today you have learned how the Scout platform helps to protect you against automated bot traffic from bad bots. The Scout platform offers security protections like this which many other control panel systems lack. Scout was handcrafted with love by the cloud above team in Cornwall, thank you for watching.