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Downloading a Site Backup on Scout

Last updated by Ashley Cawley on February 07, 2024 10:39

00:00: This guide will walk you through the process of creating a backup of a website which you can then download and save locally.

00:07: Lets take a look how to do this on Scout. When you have logged in at and have opened the Scout control panel you will see your Sites listed like this.

00:16: Click on the Settings cog beside the Site you wish to backup.

00:20: Navigate to the "Backups" section.

00:23: We are going to use the "Snapshots" section to create a special backup which we can download. This backup will contain the site files and database. In the box we can enter in a label of our choosing.

00:35: Then click on the button that says "Create snapshot".

00:38: The backup job will be started in the background, depending on the size or complexity of your website this could complete quickly, or take quite a while. When it has finished a pop-up notification will show in the lower right corner like this.

00:51: You can also see the backup point listed here, and a Ready status icon beside it.

00:56: To download the backup we move to the "Files" section.

00:59: Then we click on the option that says "Open File Manager".

01:03: We see our files listed for this site.

01:06: Click on the backups folder.

01:09: Here we see two files listed, these have randomly generated names, but they are our backups. One contains the website files, the other contains its database. You will want to save both.

01:22: We can confirm that these files are indeed our recent backup by looking at the modification date or time on the right hand side, that time correlates with when we took the backup.

01:31: Right click on one of the files and then click "Download". This will download the backup archive to your PC. Do that for both files. You now have a complete copy of the website's data on your PC which can be kept for archival purposes or supplied to a Web Developer if they need it.

01:48: The Scout Platform was made with love by our cloud above team in Cornwall. If you have any feedback or things we can improve then please get in touch and let us know.