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Allowing an IP Address through your Firewall on Scout

Last updated by Ashley Cawley on October 25, 2023 15:58

00:00: This guide provides a step by step walkthrough of Allowing an IP Address through your Firewall, this can be useful for providing access to developers or trusted providers.

00:09: After logging in at and opening your Scout control panel, you will see your sites listed

00:16: We can use the central column to take note of which Server our Site is on.

00:21: Select "Servers" from the left hand side.

00:25: Select "Settings" on the Server which holds the site you are working on.

00:29: Click on the "Firewall" tab at the top.

00:32: In this area you will see a list of Allowed IPs and Blocked IPs, from here you can add or remove IP addresses from either list.

00:40: Here I am adding the IP address of a new web developer and also a label so that it is recognisable in future. I then click on the "Allow IP" button. The changes are made to the firewall immediately. This will provide that IP address with access to the server with no ports being blocked.

00:56: Congrats, you now know how to whitelist IP addresses on your server's firewall. The Scout platform was handcrafted with love by our cloudabove team in Cornwall. If you have any feedback or suggestions then we would love to hear from you.