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Adding a new site in Scout

Last updated by Ashley Cawley on January 31, 2024 16:22

00:00: In this guide, you will learn how to add a new site in Scout. Follow these instructions to get new projects setup and running in under a minute.

00:10: Lets get started by logging in at . Once your logged in, select Scout control panel from the menu. Next, when you see this screen click on the "Add a site" button in the top right corner.

00:23: When adding a site to Scout there are three options available. The first is, Domain. If you know the domain name for your project you can select this, an example domain would be

00:36: Another option is "Subdomain". If you would like for your project to be on a Subdomain then this is the option you would choose. An example of a subdomain would be,

00:48: Lastly we have the "Temporary Domain" option. This is perfect for situations where your client has not decided yet on their domain name of choice, or you do not want to be slowed down by having to wrestle with DNS settings or domain names. Scout's temporary domain feature gets you up and running immediately with a fully functional temporary domain. At a future date Scout can easily swap this out for the final domain name when that time comes.

01:13: Select the Domain input field.

01:17: Enter in the domain name for your new project.

01:21: Click on the "Select an app" dropdown menu and choose your desired web application. Scout supports a ever growing range of web apps. If you don't see the one you want listed then get in touch and let us know.

01:34: If you would like us to install a fresh copy of the web app for you then click "Yes please".

01:40: If you have multiple Scout servers then you can select which server this project will live on here. Or if you just have the one Scout server then select it here.

01:50: In this box enter in a nickname for your project, something short and relevant to the website would be wise.

01:57: Click the "Create site" button.

02:01: Well. Just like that, your new hosting area has been setup for your project. This page contains common information you may need to connect to it like SFTP or SSH details, usernames, passwords and more. You can record these down somewhere safe or they can always be reset easily through Scout later on.

02:21: In this guide you learned how to add a site in Scout, choose the desired web app, select a server, and obtain login information. If you have any questions then our team at cloud above will be happy to help, so feel free to get in touch.