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Accessing SSH on Scout using Password Authentication

Last updated by Ashley Cawley on February 07, 2024 10:39

00:00: This guide will show you how to get access to the Shell via SSH on the Scout platform.

00:05: After logging into and opening your Scout control panel you will see your sites listed like this.

00:11: Click on the Settings cog beside the Site you'd like to access.

00:15: Navigate to the "Files" section.

00:18: Here we see a section which gives us tips and a command to access this account via SSH. Scout has given us a command that pre-fills in the Custom SSH Port 2 2 2 3 and our Site's Username and IP Address. The only part we are missing is the password, which you may know, or if you don't then do not worry

00:37: because it is easily reset here. When you press the "Reset password" button

00:42: Scout resets the password and provides it to us, just to the right there is a little copy icon which will copy the new password to our clipboard. Now would be a good time to store that somewhere safe like a password manager.

00:54: Now that we know the password, we can get back to that SSH command we looked at earlier. We can click on the copy icon to the right of that to copy the SSH Command to our clipboard. This can then be used on the Shell or Terminal of Apple Mac or Linux computers. If you're on Windows you may need to use a free SSH utility like puTTY.

01:14: Open up the Terminal on your PC

01:17: Right click and paste the SSH command into the Terminal, and then hit enter.

01:22: Enter in your password when prompted to.

01:25: Once logged in you should see your website's username on the left

01:29: here you can see me changing directory

01:32: and having a look at the website's files.

01:35: This guide covered accessing SSH using a password, but it is also possible to access it using SSH keys, please see our other video for guidance on that. The Scout Platform was made with love by our cloud above team in Cornwall.