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Using Let’s Encrypt to install your SSL certificate

Last updated by Steven Nicholas on December 20, 2016 13:52

  • Your website must be hosted with us.
  • The domain must not forward to any other domain/website.

1. Login to your cPanel account. When you first set up an account with us, you would have received an email with the details on how you can gain access to your control panel. If you have lost those details, feel free to raise a support ticket or call in.

2. Using the search field within cPanel, search for “Lets Encrypt”.

3. Once you have clicked Lets Encrypt SSL, you will see a list of domains on your control panel with an “Issue” option next to them. Simply click the Issue action to start the install of the SSL certificate.

4. After clicking “+Issue” you will be given the option to install the SSL certificate on both your website and mail service. If your email is also hosted with us, please feel free to keep the option selected, otherwise you will need to untick this option. For the purposes of this tutorial, I will install the SSL certificate on both and

5. Once you have issued the SSL, you should see a message like so:

Now that the SSL certificate has been installed, it will renew automatically every three months.