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How to transfer a .com domain

Last updated by Steven Nicholas on January 31, 2024 16:22

Transferring a .com domain can be relatively simple and consists of three stages:

  1. Transfer request using an EPP code, sometimes referred to as an Authorization Code
  2. Approval from the domain owner/administrator via a verification email (The email address that was used to register the domain)
  3. Approval from the *existing* domain registrar

However before these stages are considered, we need to make sure you have dealt with the following:

Unlock your domain:

Sometimes referred to as Theft/Identity protection, it is common practice for registrars to lock the domain to avoid any attempts at someone trying to steal your domain name. If this is in a locked state when the transfer request has been sent, it will fail. You will need to contact your current registrar to ask them to unlock it for you, you may be able to do this yourself via their control panel.

Make sure you can access the domains administrative contact email address:

When the domain name was first purchased, an email account would have been needed to complete the order. It will be that email address that will receive the verification emails that need to be confirmed in order to move the domain name.

If you are unsure as to what email address was used, you may be able to view the administrative contact by performing a WHOIS lookup (

Obtaining your EPP or Authorization Code:

You may be able to obtain the EPP code for the domain in question via the current registrars control panel, however some don’t give you this option so you may have to email them asking for the EPP code.

Disable domain privacy:

The domain will fail to transfer if domain privacy is enabled, if this is the case you will have to ask your current registrar to disable it for you.

Once all of those above requirements have been met, you are now ready to proceed with the domain transfer order:

Please note that when transferring a .com domain there is a renewal fee of £8.99 + VAT. This will automatically renew the domain for another year as well as transferring to us.