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Creating your Email Signature

Last updated by Steven Nicholas on January 31, 2024 16:22

1. Login to your cPanel account. When you first set up an account with us, you would have received an email with the details on how you can gain access to your control panel. If you have lost those details, feel free to raise a support ticket or call in.

2. Navigate to Email Accounts

3. Find your email account in the list then select “More” > “Access Webmail”

4. We want to use Roundcube to set up our Email Signature. If you are not viewing your email via Roundcube please click your email address at the top and select Roundcube like so.

5. Now you are in Roundcube, please click Settings at the top right situated beneath the logout option.

6. Click Identities > Your email account. You will now see the section to add your signature.

7. Once you have finished, click Save